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Flash Point Pensky-Martens Apparatus

For determining the flash point of fuel oils and lubricating oil, bitumen other than cutback bitumen and suspension ofsolids in liquids, having a flash point above 49°C. The oil cup is made of brass, fitted with a thermally insulated lifting handle. The cup lid, with insulated handle, is fitted with two opposite wedge cams, which engage under pillars secured to the cup flange. This feature facilitates easy removal of the lid by rotating the handle a few degrees to disengage the cams The shutter opening mechanism is designed for smooth operation and is operated by a spring handle with a knurled knob. A exposure device is mounted over the lid. The manually operated stirrer has a flexible shaft. The cup assembly is positioned in a cast iron air bath, fitted with a chrome plated brass top. The air bath is mounted on an upright.


Models available:


Flash Point (Closed) Pensky-Martens Apparatus (AIM 509 )

Flash Point (Open) and Fire Point Pensky-Martens Apparatus (AIM 511)