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Claisse Fluxes and Chemicals for Fusion

Claisse offers a global solution in XRF,ICP & AAS sample preparation by fusion to improve efficiency in the laboratory. Claisse offers Borate Fuxes both in Pure and Ultra Pure Grade availiale with or without integrated Non Wetting agents(NWAs). Claisse also offers powder nd sodium tetraborate fluxes that can be customized to fulfill your needs.

Custom Blends: Claisse offers  customized fluxes and prefused Fluxes of any Borate Ratio. They can be made with Non Wetting agents, oxidizers or internal standards. If you have special need of flux preparation we have the right product for you.

Pre Weighted Fluxes: Any types or quantities of Fluxes can be pre weighed. The Pre weighed Fluxes come in vials that are easy to use for your own convinience.