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Geotextile Permeameter (AIM 254)

The Geotextile Permeameter has been designed to meet the test requirements of water permeablity of Geotextile. It has been made keeping in view the growing requirement of testing of coir geotextile. The geotextile is tested in the uncompressed state for permittivity. The determination of permittivity of geotextile is carried out, either by using constant head or falling head test procedures. The equipment can be used for performing tests as per ASTM-D4491-92 The equipment comprises of specimen holder assembly suitable for 73mm & 1 OOmm dia sample, complete with interconnecting tubes houses inside a metal housing & mounted on a table alongwith a pump for delivering de-aried water from de-airing below the specimen holder assembly unit. A water tank of 100 ltrs. capacity is placed alongside the main equipment on a steel stand to store & supply de-aired water continuously, as required, during the test. Geotextile permeameter comprises of specimen holder assembly for holding specimen of dia 73mm. Housing for specimen holder complete with inlet & outlet valves, Head differential measurement arrangement mounted on a stand and a Water Tank, complete with water level gauges suitable for falling head and constant head tests