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Hand Operated Charpy Notch Machine

The CNB-35 Hand Operated Charpy Notch Broaching Machine is designed for test houses and laboratories, which are producing small batches of test pieces in carbon steels, easily machined low alloy steels, non-ferrous and plastic materials. The machine is of robust construction designed to be mounted on a specially designed bench or on a customer's bench. This hand Charpy machine will cut Charpy and Izod 'V' and 'U' notches in pre-machined standard 10mm square, sub-size and 0.45" diameter specimens.


Notch Depth Caliper Gauges with UKAS Certificates



Charpy/Izod Notch Broaches

Five standard broaches are available which will notch samples to meet most of the world standards. i.e. BS, ISO, EN, ASTM and many other International Standard notch profiles.