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Hanging / Inverted Pendulum

Hanging / Inverted Pendulum are used in Concret/Masonary/Gravity Dams for monitoring the deflection of the Dam. The Hanging pendulum uses a wire and a T-Square OR verniar microscope. Theupper end of the wire is anchored to the structure under observation. A weight is suspended fromthe lower end is free to move in an oil tank, the oil is meant for acting as an damping agent, to damp the oscillations of the wire. The wire remains vertical, but it moves with the structure, from which it is suspended therefore, the reading of the movement relative to the wire must be corrected for movement of the anchor. Inverted and Hanging (Normal) pendulums are often together in the same structure, in which case all movements may be related to the inverted pendulumanchored at a depth in stable ground. Verniar Microscopes are used for taking readings of the displacement.

Advantage: Measuring accuracy can be greater than obtained by precise geodatic surveying.