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Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS)

The Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS) is an accelerated, full-scale loading facility that accelerates pavement failure by simulating many years of traffic loading in a few months. This allows an agency to quickly evaluate new materials, pavement designs and construction techniques. The output from the HVS can be used to develop and improve material modeling, allowing for improvements in design and maintenance strategies. 


The HVS is a proven technology, in constant development over the last 35 years. With over 18 units worldwide, a large and scientifically valuable knowledge base developed by the HVS users is shared with other HVS users through the HVS International Alliance (HVSIA) Additionally, CSIR South Africa contains a significant database along with expertise, which it provides in association with Dynatest consulting services.


1. Evaluation and comparison of new material, modified binders, construction techniques.
2. Quickly moves from section to section, to allow for efficient use of equipment and test facilities.
3. HVS International Alliance provides knowledge transfer and collaboration between users.
4. Dynatest offers a knowledge transfer package, enabling the client to start testing and producing data and reports quicker.
5. Produces savings of 10-15% on annual new build construction costs, by scientifically validating that the correct material, design and construction techniques are used to build the pavements.