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Hi Power SMPS Power Supplies

The Kepco Series KLN is a new family of automatic crossover, low-profile, high-performance, low-cost programmable power supplies. The KLN Series offers stable d-c power in a 1U high, half-rack package for 750W, a 1U high, full-rack package for 1500W and a 2U high, full-rack package for 3000W. A total of 39 voltage-current combinations are offered. Output voltages range from 0-6 Volts to 0-600 Volts and output currents range from 0-400 Amps down to 0-1.25 Amps. Speed-controlled fans limit acoustic noise for bench-top applications when full power is not needed. Precise programming of voltage, current and their limits may be achieved from the front.