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Horizontal Digital Bluetooth Inclinometer

Digital Horizontal/Inclined Bluetooth Inclinometer is meant for the measurement of contineous  profile verticle movements included settlement and heave. The system consists of Bi-axial Inclinometer probe attached the required length of evenly marked Blue tooth cable reel, Cable gate, PDA (portable handheld datalogger). Reading of the lateral displacement are aquired on a Soil Instruments PDA-based software, through a hand held (key fob) for taking eading, ensuring a complete wireless system. Soil instrument uses a strong lightweight cable, andthe system ban easily be chared from mains power. The semsor accuracy is: +/- 0.028 % full scale & System accuracy: +/- 2 mm (over 25 m) . The Probe Gauge Length : 500 mm (metric system) or24 inches (imperical system).