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Hydraulic Press

A Hydraulic Press Pallet System is been widely used as sample preparation accessory for Elemental Analysis and Phase analysis like XRF and XRD. It uses pressure selected automatically or manually depending on sample to make homogeneous pelllet out of fine powder. Desired attributes of a pellet is that it should be smooth and strong with evenly distribution of particles that results into a representative sample. The surface of a pellet should be such that there should be no void spaces between the particles. The resultant Pellet is then used for elemental analysis in XRF and XRD.




Programmable and Variable pressure from 5 Ton to 40 Tons

Maximum pressure achievable is 40 Tons

Suitable for Cement, Slag, Clinker, Limestone, Bauxite, Gypsum , Dolomite, Clay, Coal etc.

LCD Display and Control Panel for setting of required parameters

Vital parameters like desired pressure, hold time and smooth return to null pressure can be programmable

Safety interlock and automatic pump shut-off safety valve is provided for user safety

Floor mounted, no foundation required

Suitable for Pellet making both as Steel Rings and Aluminium Cup