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In Situ Balancing

More often, unbalance, is requried to be corrected at site. Our specialised in-situ balancing service helps carry out accurate balancing of rotors in the plant without removing them. Accurate results are achieved within required tolerance within short period of time.


In-suit balancing is the procedure that makes correction in unbalanced rotating machine. Because with misalignment, unbalanced causes more premature and catastrophic failures in rotating machinery than any other fault.


Benefits of In-suit Balancing


  • Reduces downtime, labour and material costs
  • Can be planned into scheduled short time outages e.g. machine mould or process changes
  • Extends bearing and machine life
  • Reduces the possibility of catastrophic failures
  • Increases safety


Due to Misalignment and unbalanced machine and its shaft, Un-even mass distribution over the whole machine then it produces high vibration during rotation which affects machine construction. This can cause bearing, seals and coupling may become fail.


Some equipment from PRUFTECHNIK is able to detecting and eliminating unbalanced in just few steps. For all types of rotating fans of all Sizes and Shapes are treated by different types of balancing devices, such devices are also ideal for special requirements, such as field balancing of rotor blades on wind turbines.