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Indentation Testing Machine

A high quality machine for the indentation test with advanced auto data logging software to record and present the results via real time charts.

The Indentation Testing Machine CRT-IND for determining the resistance to penetration of road and mastic asphalt by loading a cylindrical pin and measuring the indentation in a sample over a given time. The CRT-IND comprises of a frame incorporating a stainless steel water bath with drain facility, method of applying the 500 Newton load and means of recording the test results.* Immersion heater is not included but can be offered as additional equipment. The apparatus conforms to the requirements of EN 12697-20.The maximum nominal size of the aggregates should be less or equal to 16 mm. It comes with optional auto data logging software which saves test data files, shows a graphical representation of the test in real time, reduces operator involvement and thus eliminates chances of error.


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