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Inductive Telemetry

With our system using a non-contact induction procedure, the non-contact capture of amplified measuring signals from moving objects, especially shafts, is possible. During this procedure, a stator antenna captures the measured data from an antenna on the rotating component under measurement, without the need for any physical contact. Consequently, unbiased measuring results can be guaranteed. In the opposite direction, the measuring electronics on the moving component are supplied with energy via inductive coupling. The distance between the receiving antennas and the evaluation unit can be up to 200 m. As standard, a simple coaxial cable can be used as connection cable.he systems have a thermal operating range of -55° to 180° Celsius. Their robust construction is suitable for extreme environmental conditions, such as use in oil or with accelerations of up to 100,000 g. All of our systems can be fitted with the so called “RMC” Function, which enables the zero point (auto zero) and the measuring range of the sensor signal amplifier to be steplessly programmed from a computer. Even under extremely confined conditions, we are able to realise non-contact signal transmission solutions for mobile or long-term applications. We can produce for shaft diameters from 1 to 4,000 millimetres. Single channel Telemetry system Multi-channel systems