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Instrumented Pendulum Impact Tester-Laser Opto-Electronic Measuring System

Versatile Pendulum Impact Tester with adjustable energy/velocity range with 150 or 300 joule. Versatile unit with easy changeable energy range. Vibration free release of pendulum.Force, Deflection & Crack-opening measurements or experimental determination of intensity of Stress, KID & KIC factor with ultra-high speed ADC board for Data Acquisition. Safety lock to hold the pendulum in its raised position. Electric break that stops the pendulum with motorized pendulum return to the latched starting position. Ergonomically sample tray. Expandable with instrumentation package with strain gauged striker, optional deformation measurement, ultra-high speed data acquisition system and data analysis software. Also, Plastic Pendulum Impact Tester- available for advanced Pendulum Impact tester determines the energy required to break or rupture specimens of Plastics or ceramics.