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Integral Water Level Meter

Integral Water Level Meter consists of water level meter & data logger in the probe and power source & data transmission in the top part. Every equipment / function is unified into one (1) unit as an integrated water level meter. This is a remote monitoring system using GSM/GPRS, and user chooses data transmission way whether the data is sent to e-mail or to dedicated server. In case of e-mail, user can obtain the monitoring data and battery conditions every set time. When user chooses the server way, function of threshold judgment for early warning and remote monitoring setting are available. Water level meter has a pressure sensor and a data logger as a unified unit. This is high accurate and long durable digital water level meter which can directly read water level and also automatically correct atmospheric pressure. Power source is the lithium battery (2ER34615M) only, and maximum 5 years operation is available (depending on monitoring interval and communication signal conditions) because of low power consumption design.