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Interface Friction Measurement Apparatus (Shear Box Assembly)

Soil reinforcement is a recent and fast developing technique to improve soil behaviour for a variety of civil engineering works; e.g. earth retaining structures, slope stability, land slides protection works, pavement, etc. In order to utilise fully the strength of reinforcement material while transferring load and forces via soil or aggregate to the reinforcement, a correct assessment of the soil/reinforcement frictional relationship is essential. The frictional properties can be assessed by AIM 245 means of a shear box which is modified either to conduct a 'Modified Shear Test' or 'Pullout Test'. In the former test, reinforcement material is placed and clamped in the plane of shear with soil above the fabric, whereas in the latter test, the fabric placed between the top and bottom shear boxes, is covered on both sides with soil and is then pulled out to evaluate the frictional resistance. This interface friction measurement apparatus has been specially designed to evaluate both 'frictional' as well as 'pull out resistance' of soil reinforcing materials at a shear rate and drainage condition as desired by the designer These are 60x60x25 mm assemblies which can be used for soils with 085 not greater than 4. 75 mm. These apparatus are to be fitted in conventional Direct Shear Test Frame.


Models available:


Interface friction Measurement Apparatus (Shear Box Assembly) for Modified Direct Shear Apparatus (AIM-244)

Interface friction Measurement Apparatus (shear box assembly) for Pullout Test Apparatus (AIM-245)