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ULS checks extended to double-wall projects (including Kranz check). Direct processing without iterations of double-wall projects, without limitation of the number of linking anchors. Automated processing of bank and berm effects using the kinematic approach with the yield design method. Possibility to impose active and passive soil pressure diagrams and water pressure diagrams during the phasing. Automatic correction of the inclination of counter passive earth pressure (LEM method) Management of the initial phase: o Possibility to consider a non-horizontal profile of the natural land. o Define possible initial loads (eg: existing building nearby). o Consideration of initial hydraulic gradient (eg: initial upward flow). Possibility to consider a hydraulic gradient defined point by point through the water pressure or the hydraulic potential. All loads can be changed or disabled during phasing. Consideration of the screening effect of Boussinesq loads. Automated processing of combinations of loads applied onto the wall and the soil. Generalization of support conditions and anchoring. New type of support: circular lierne, surface support and surface linking support (slab type). Preload can be defined for all supports. Anchors’ preload can be modified during phasing. Management of elastoplastic behaviour for all types of support. Consideration of the earthquake: Mononobe-Okabé (pseudo-static method) and yield design method. Consideration of the Eurocode 7 design approaches (1, 2 and 3). Consideration of a minimum active earth pressure and a maximum passive earth pressure for every soil layer. Taking into account the over-excavation (?a) on either side of the wall. New results available: axial force throughout the wall (Nz) and vault pressure (N?).