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Labo System Compact Semi-Automatic Polishing Machine

LaboSystem is a grinding, lapping and polishing machines for manual or automatic preparation of materialographic specimens. The LaboPol series consists of 8 machines with different disc sizes and speed ranges, covering all possible applications.LaboPol is available in three different disc sizes: 200 mm, 250 mm and 300 mm dia. With speeds from as low as 12 rpm, a maximum of 1200 rpm or fixed speeds for less demanding tasks, there is always a LaboPol for your preparation requirements. All machines in the LaboPol series can be used for manual grinding and polishing. With a LaboForce specimen mover they can be upgraded for more automatic preparation, and with a LaboDoser also automatic dosing and timer control can be added. The LaboPol machines are ideal for the small volume materialographic laboratory, or in a high volume lab as supplementary equipment for preparation requirements outside the daily routine.