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Labotom-15 High Quality Table top Manual Cut-off Machine

Labotom-15 is a manual cut-off machine with 350mm cut-off wheel, which enables quality cutting of all kinds of workpieces, including large and odd-size items. Powerful, strong and easy to use, Labotom-15 gives you a cost effective and convenient way to increase your manual cutting capacity. Big cutting capacity – when and where you need it. Labotom-15 is a heavyweighter when it comes to manual cutting. With a powerful motor and proven design, Labotom-15 handles almost all your manual cutting tasks – quickly and efficiently. A spacious cutting chamber and very large cutting table facilitates the cutting of workpieces of all sizes and shapes. You can even cut workpieces that exceed the width of the cutting chamber. Convenient fixation holes provide flexible customized clamping. Fast, simple and safe, With its straightforward control panel, the ergonomic handle as well as safety lock and emergency stop, the Labotom-15 is not only extremely user-friendly - it also provides optimal protection of its users. Exceptional access, The Labotom-15 cover is hinged on the back and opens wide for easy access enabling you to position and maneuver large workpieces with ease. The very large cutting table has 10 mm T-slots for flexible clamping. Strong, sturdy and reliable, Whether you are cutting large or small workpieces, simple or odd-size ones, all day, every day or just once in a while, Labotom-15's robust and straightforward design ensures easy and reliable operation. The base of the machine is made of no-rust aluminum to ensure maximum durability and long lifetime. Know more about our next product: Labotom-5