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Laser Shaft Alignment

Accurate shaft alignment is a necessasity for plant machines. Laser Shaft alignment ensure precise and accurate alignment within very short time. Machines runs longer thorugh it's life after this accurate laser shaft alignment services. It also helps user save power consumption for the rotary machines.


Generally, Shaft alignment basically called coupled alignment because this is a process to make two or more rotating shaft co-linear or same in straight line, both vertically and horizontally. But in advance laser technology, we launched laser shaft alignment system that has following advantages:

  • Gravity impact will be Zero on laser beams
  • Precision laser alignment saves costs, Lowering energy and operating costs
  • It can be measure more complex alignment function such as universal joint parallel alignment or cardan shaft
  • Exactly measure and compensate for dynamic changes in machinery position, such as those caused by thermal growth of machines.
  • Measure vertically as well as horizontally oriented machines.
  • It measure vertically and horizontally oriented machines
  • During the same measurement process, it can coupled two machine


Precision shaft alignment systems by the makers of OPTALIGN and ROTALIGN


Also, Laser alignment systems for machine geometry and have wide range of shims for all kinds of machine alignment situations. Manage measurement files, view and analyze results, create professional reports.


Our Products comes under laser alignment:


1. Geometrical Laser Alignment Systems

  • LEVALIGN expert - Flatness and level with a spin
  • LEVALIGN Ultra iS - Flatness, perpendicularity, level, easily done!
  • PENTALIGN - Perpendicularity and parallelism of axes and planes
  • PARALIGN - The revolutionary method for roll alignment
  • CENTRALIGN Ultra RS5 - Alignment of bores, bearings and diaphragms


2. Shaft Alignment Systems

  • ROTALIGN touch - Cloud-enabled laser shaft alignment system
  • OPTALIGN smart RS5 - The power of precision shaft alignment
  • ROTALIGN Ultra iS - The intelligent alignment platform
  • SHAFTALIGN OS3 - The efficiency of laser shaft alignment
  • ROTALIGN smart RS5 EX - The ultimate intrinsically safe alignment system