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LFM-C : Compact Table Top Universal Testing Machine

Central Spindle Electromechanical Testing Machines LFM-C Series

The LFM-C Series are modular constructed and can easily be optimized to customer’s requirements.

The electromechanical drive is centrally located on upper crosshead what makes this series also suitable for testing components or finished goods.

The LFM-C test systems are well suitable for closed loop static constant  load, monotonic or cyclic loadings and feature rigid load frame construction for virtually any test including Slow-Strain  tests, Tension-, Compression- or Bending tests on different specimen, materials and components.

Key Features

• Modular design, easily adaptable to specific test requirements

• Flexible system with crosshead mounted central-drive

• High mechanical resolution for most accurate control

• System with high-resolution ball screw driven central-drive with pre-stressed ball nut and backlash free torsion security device controlled by a high responsive servomotor

• Machine frame in rigid two-hard-chromium plated column construction, precision aligned with movable upper crosshead

• Crosshead available as version with manual or hydraulic lifting

• Adjustable minimum and maximum switches

• With precision flat load cell for accurate force measurement and control, fixed on piston rod end or on base platen

• Digital spindle stroke displacement transducer for accurate displacement measurement and control

• Compact and space saving design