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LIBS: Handheld Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Analyzer

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy(LIBS) handheld analyzer uses a pulsed, focused laser that is fired at a sample with sufficient pulse energy to create a plasma around the area struck. Bound atomic electrons are stripped from the atoms comprising the material. As the plasma cools, atoms recombine with electrons and it emits light in the UV, optical, and IR regions during the process. It is been used as a handheld device capable of analyzing any element in the periodic table depending on the spectrometer range chosen for the device. The analyzer is the only handheld device that can detect elements like Carbon, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, and Sodium along with others at the site in a non-destructive manner in steel, alloys as well as in geological samples.

1. Only handheld analyzer that can detect Carbon, Lithium along with other elements at the site
2. Spectrometer range varies from 190 to 950nm depending on application and model selection.
3. Colour Touch Screen android-based interface.
4. Internal Camera for precise targeting of analysis location
5. Equipped with an integrated, user-replaceable argon purge canister. 
6. Grade identification of Alloys including L,H, and S grade
7. Lightweight less than 2kg
8. Build on Google's Android Platform for real-time data exporting, including built-in wifi, Bluetooth,GPS & USB-C.
9. Automated Drift Correction 
10. 500+ grades, multi-library support, and libraries may be added or edited

Z-Series LIBS Analyzers Models:

1. Z901 series of Analyzer

2. Z902 series of Analyzer

3. Z903 series of Analyzer