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Liquid Particle Counter DI Water

Sensitivity Sample Volume Zero Count Laser Particle Counter: Ultra DI This particle counters has a large sample volume, low zero count, and high counting efficiency 0.05 µm 3.75 mL/min < 50 cts/L Liquid Particle Counter: Ultra Chem 40 This particle counter uses NanoVision Technology® to provide detection of ultra small particles with excellent size resolution. 40nm 2 mL/min < 20 cts/L Liquid Particle Counter: HSLIS M50e This liquid particle counter provides continuous real-time particle monitoring 0.05µm 0.06µm 0.1 µm 0.25mL/min. 0.6 mL/min. 0.1 mL/min < 1000 cts/L < 2000 cts/L < 1000 cts/L Liquid Particle Counter: Liquistat A volumetric particle counter using patented "Inviscid Jet" technology for DI water and chemical particle counting applications 0.1 µm 50 mL/min < 20 cts/L