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Liquid Particle Counter for USP 788 APSS-2000

The APSS-2000 Liquid Particle Counter for USP 788 sizes and counts suspended particulate matter in a wide range of liquids, including parenteral, to meet all current U.S., European and Japanese Pharmacopoeia standards. When it comes to particle monitoring quality control for liquid drug manufacturers, it’s important to meet regulations while minimizing waste.


Along with USP 788 for particles in liquids, the APSS-2000 Particle Counter has recipe functions that allow it to adapt to future regulatory changes, and its small sample volume minimizes the waste of expensive products.

The APSS-2000 Liquid Particle Counter includes an SLS-1000 Syringe Sampler, a LiQuilaz® E Series Light Obscuration Spectrometer and SamplerSight Pharma Software, allowing reports to meet 21 CFR 11 regulations for electronic records and signatures.