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Liquid Particle Counter HSLIS-M65e

The High Sensitivity Liquid in Situ (HSLIS-M65e) Liquid Particle Counter provides continuous, real-time monitoring of contamination levels in corrosive liquids, including hydrogen fluoride (HF).
A long-standing and ever-popular piece of Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) complete liquid particle counting line, the HSLIS Liquid Particle Counter makes it easy to always understand the characteristics of your working fluid.
4 channel liquid particle counter with size range of 0.065, 0.1, 0.15 and 0.2 μm. Operates with an optimal flow rate of 100 ml/min. +/-10%. Samples 0.6% of the flow volume or 0.6 ml/min Compatible with corrosive liquids, including hydrogen fluoride (HF)