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Liquid Particle Counter: LiQuilaz® II S Series

Available in Models S02, S03, S05
LiQuilaz® II optical liquid particle counter is a volumetric monitor with a variety of sizing sensitivities as low as 0.2 µm. It provides high precision analysis for most process chemicals, including hydrofluoric acid and hot corrosive chemicals up to 306 °F (152 °C).

A unique solution in the comprehensive line of liquid particle counters, the LiQuilaz II particle counter by Particle Measuring Systems provides the same levels of accuracy, reliability and repeatability that customers have received from our instruments for many years. LiQuilaz II liquid particle counter features both RS-485 and Ethernet network communications.
Volumetric particle counting offers the highest precision possible by measuring 100% sample volumes (up to 80 ml/min) so that short sampling intervals can be utilized without sacrificing statistical significance.