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Load Frames

Load Frames are Loading devices employed for application of compression and penetration loads required for various tests, such as Unconfined Compression Test, Triaxial Shear Test, California Bearing Ratio Test etc. The load application is effected by advancement of a lead screw secured against rotation by a sliding key and is measured with a Proving ring or Load Cell. Aimil manufactures a wide variety of Electro Mechanical to Microprocessor Load Frames with different designs of frame structure, modes of operation (manual or electrically driven), loading capacities, speeds of travel, so that appropriate selection is possible to meet the requirements of standard methods used for various tests to cover different soil types and sizes of specimens.

For Instance, This 100 kN-capacity Load frame designed primarily for triaxial testing of soil specimens up to 100 mm diameter x 200 mm long. It comprises of a rigid twin column construction with an integral, fully variable microprocessor-controlled drive unit and LCD display with a touch sensitive keyboard. The machine is bench-mounted for ease of installation and operation.

The use of a microprocessor-controlled drive system and keyboard entry provides the load frame with a wide variety of features which include pause and speed reset during test, RS232 interface for computer control, operator programming of speed and control functions,, and many other features.

A robustly constructed steel case houses the motor drive system with careful attention being given to the prevention of ingress of water or grit. All operating controls are mounted on the front panel of the machine which is angled and recessed to prevent physical and environmental damage.

Salient Features:

  • Microprocessor-based control
  • LCD display
  • Direct entry via a touch-sensitive keyboard
  • Rapid approach and return to datum of platen
  • Fully variable speed, 0.00001 to 99.99999 mm/min
  • Samples up to 100 mm diameter

Models Available:

Load Frame, Motorised 3 speed, 50kN (5,000 kgf) capacity (AIM-062-1)

Load Frame 4 Speed Electronic 50 KN (AIM-062E)

Load Frame, Motorised, 30 speeds, 50kN (5,000 kgf) capacity (AIM-064 )

Load Frame 34 Speed Electronic 50 KN (AIM-064-1 )

Load Frame, Motorised, 50 kN (5,000 kgf) capacity, Microprocessor Based with AIM-085 (AIM-064-E )

AIM 064-E-100 Load Frame, Motorised, 100 kN Microprocessor Based

Load Frame, Motorised, 12 speeds, 200kN (20,000 kgf) capacity (AIM-065)

Load Frame, Motorised, 12 speeds, 500kN (50,000 kgf) capacity (AIM-066)