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Load Truss (AIM-158 - AIM-160)

This truss is of welded I-Girder construction in two halves which can be bolted together when required. The lower chord, the cross pieces for holding the truss down and the vertical thrust members are all of welded box type construction with two channels enclosed and welded to an I-girder. The anchorages are of a design tried out and perfected at the Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee. They consist of semi-cylindrical pieces, each held down by 1 m long steel spikes, driven in through holes drilled in the semi cylinder. The spikes enter the ground at about 60° horizontally, four from each side spaced along the length of the anchorage. The cross pieces are moored to the anchorages by channel straps and bolts. Eight such anchorages are supplied with 200 kN Truss. Guy wires with turn-buckles are supplied to keep the Truss errect.


Models available:


Load Truss capacity 200kN (20,000 kgf) (AIM-158)

Load Truss capacity 300kN (30,000 kgf) (AIM-159)

Load Truss capacity 500kN (50,000 kgf) (AIM-160)