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Longitudinal Compressometers

Ref Standard : ASTM-C469


This apparatus is used for determination of the strain and deformation characteristics of cement concrete cylindrical specimens of 150 mm dia x 300 mm length. The Compressometer consists of two frames for clamping to the specimen by means of five tightening screws with hardened and tapered ends. Two spacers hold the two frames in position. An adjustable pivot rod rests on pivot screws. A spring enables the pivot rod to remain in contact with pivot screws. The ball chain is for adjusting the tension of the spring. A dial gauge, fixed to a bracket, fitted to the top frame, is used for taking deformation measurement. Supplied complete with AIM 070 dial gauge 0.002x5mm or AIM 072-DG Dial Gauge Digital 0.001 x25 mm.


Models available:


Longitudinal Compressometer Analogue (AIM 372)

Longitudinal Compressometer Digital (AIM372-DG)