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Magnetic Settlement System

Magnetic Extensometer system is used for measuring and recording of settlement in the earthen dam embankments, ground etc. The basic principal involes is providing "Ring magnets" sliding on a access tube, and are fixed in the ground at the specified locations, where settlement movement is to be monitored. Various types of magnets are avaialable depending upon the application, for under/ground  "Spring Magnets" are used and for the earthen embankment "Plate magnets" are used. In case of Under/ground applications the "spring magnets" can be gruted in to the rock or. retained by leaf spring arrow head OR plate fixtures in soil or. fill. A probe incorporating one or more "reed switches" travels with the tube. The reed switch closes on entering the magnetic field and activates a "buzzer" and indicator light on the readout instrument or. cable drum. The system can be used for Vertical & Horizontal Installations. The system consists of Rigid plastic pipes,Extensometer magnets, Readout reel/sensing probe with flat cable (of desired depth), along with Top cap/bottom plug etc.