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MAPS-2 Fully Automatic, PC-controlled Preparation System with a Unique Graphical User Interface

Struers Modular Automatic Preparation System (MAPS) is by far the most ambitious preparation system to date - a modular system for fully automatic materialographic preparation of any number of specimens from plane grinding to final cleaning and drying. The system is composed of one or more preparation units,each consisting of two grinding or polishing stations and a cleaning station. The number of units depends on the users particular needs, and the system can be composed to meet all requirements.A 100% tailor-made solution. MAPS fits into a medium-sized lab, and it is an obvious choice for high capacity preparation. Whatever the requirements are, a MAPS system can be designed to meet the needs. Due to precise, automatic control of consumables consumption, MAPS takes care that exactly the right amount is used – no more, no less.MAPS complies with the strictest international safety stand ards.