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Microbial Monitor BioCapt Single-Use

A replacement for settle plates, the BioCapt® Single-Use Cleanroom Microbial Monitor by Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) helps minimize false positives for microbial activity in pharmaceutical cleanrooms by reducing contamination from handling of agar settle plates. This results in a decrease in investigations while increasing productivity. Additionally, many costly and time-consuming sterilization steps, such as autoclaving, disinfecting, handling and logistics are eliminated. This innovative approach to viable microbial air sampling and monitoring builds on the collection efficiencies of the BioCapt stainless steel viable impactor, while also virtually eliminating false positives through specialized packaging and single-use application.

The BioCapt Microbial Impactor (Single-Use) achieves sampling with minimal air disruption and can be used to sample efficiently at 25 or 50 L/min to suit both routine monitoring and fast sampling needs. This new device has a proven recovery of microorganisms under stressed conditions after two hours of continuous air sampling (25 L/min flow rate) reducing the number of plate changes required for continuous air sampling. Learn more about this continuous air sampling solution.