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Microseismic Data acquisition, Monitoring & Interpretation Software

SOFTWARE: Windows-based Hyperion Seismic Software (HSS) Suite has been designed with the end-user in mind. Retaining powerful functionality in a stream-lined environment, the HSS provides a faster and more user-friendly platform for processing and visualization than other software on the market. HSS suite is available to mining operators as a component of our complete microseismic solution. As such, it is not available as a stand-alone software platform. The HSS suite comprises a number of core software modules including: HNAS: Paladin data acquisition systems convert seismic data from hardware devices (i.e. geophones and accelerometers) into digital signals. These digital signals are then monitored by the Hyperion Network Acquisition System (HNAS™) software. Data may be recorded in continuous streams or as discrete "triggered" events before being permanently stored on an acquisition computer. WaveVis: WaveVis is used to visualize and process full waveforms captured by microseismic system. First-arrivals of P-waves and S-waves are identified and used to determine event source location and various source parameters such as event magnitude. SeisVis: SeisVis allows for advanced 3D-visualization and interpretation of site seismicity using event information and scaled site geometries. Event locations, magnitudes, and site velocity profiles among other parameters, can be viewed with respect to site geometry or models using a variety of display options. Seismicity can be viewed for specific events, or animated over an extended time period using the VCR playback option. Observe changes in site conditions over time to visualize site seismicity or identify and manage potentially hazardous conditions.