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Microtremor Survey System (McSEIS-MT NEO)

The McSIES-MT NEO is a data acquisition instrument for microtremor array measurement and vibration monitoring. It is an all-in-one device in which high-performance accelerometer containing 1 component or 3 components, a precise global positioning system (GPS) and a battery are incorporated. It can be used for microtremor measurement for obtaining the natural frequency, vibration property of the ground, and vibration property of a structural object. Microtremor array survey can be performed by assembling a triangular array using 4 or 7 units. The precise GPS in each instrument makes it possible to synchronize all recordings easily. In addition, software ”SeisImager/MT NEO” is available for analyzing phase velocity to produce the 1D S-wave velocity structure of the ground. Optional wireless LAN communication function is also available.