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MiniCapt- Remote Microbial Air Sampler

Makes the job Easier-TheMiniCapt remote microbial air samplerperforms automated sampling without the need for a mobile sampler or a centralvacuum source Reduced Errors- TheMiniCapt Remote Air sampler communicates with a Facility pro system or otherexisting monitoring system to aloe for remote control & operation for theair sampling process. Doesn’t Contaminate thecleanroom through the use of a HEPA filtered exhaust Flexibility of using onesampler for multiple sampling applications including monitoring compressed gas,remote isolator sampling & the ability to connect to the BioCapt andBioCapt single-use microbial Impactors False Positiveidentification can reduce investigation cost through the use of the BioCaptradial slit design. Know more about our next product : Mobile Microbial Air Sampler