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Morphologi M4 & M4ID

Morphologi 4-ID automated particle characterization system including automated dry sample dispersion unit and Raman chemical analysis.


The Morphologi 4-ID enables component-specific particle size and shape measurements of dispersed mixtures or blends, providing a deeper understanding of the behaviour of particulate materials. Applying the patented method of Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy (MDRS), which combines automated particle imaging with Raman spectroscopic analysis, it delivers vital component specific data more rapidly and with greater measurement certainty compared to standard Raman mapping techniques, saving significant time and increasing confidence in the measurement and analysis of complex samples and formulations. Morphological measurements can be made for particles from 0.5 µm up to 1.3 mm in size, sample and substrate dependent (or larger for certain samples). Raman spectroscopic measurements are made over the wavenumber range 150 cm-1 to 2800 cm-1 at 8 cm-1 resolution with a nominal 2 µm spot size at 50X magnification. The size range for chemical identification will depend upon the suitability of the sample for Raman chemical analysis.

Robust, reproducible measurements are delivered via simple SOP-driven operation where critical factors are carefully controlled and audited resulting in non-subjective data you can rely on.  Application software provides a user-friendly graphical interface for data analysis to ensure the effectiveness of your analysis workflows. This includes the ability to view all the particles with the sample, to look for correlations between different size or shape parameters and also to create standard reports for result communication.  

Includes: 50X, 20X, 10X, 5X and 2.5X objectives, an integrated Raman probe optics and laser spectrometer bench with 785 nm laser, 1 pack of 3 180 x 110 mm glass sample plates, 1 pack of 2 180 x 110 mm Raman suitable sample plates,  a sample presentation plate for standard microscope 76mm x 26mm glass slides (4 positions for 4 individual microscope slides). 1 pack of 50 microscope slides, 1 pack of 5 Raman suitable microscope slides, 1 pack of 5 Raman suitable coverslips, 1x pack of QAS3006, 1x Sample Dispersion Spool (MOR2730) and a cleaning accessories kit (MOR4047). 

Class 1 laser product.

Note: Requires, but does not include, a clean and dry compressed air supply.