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Multi Function Vehicle ( MFV )

The Dynatest Multi Functional Vehicle combines the functionality of the RSP with the Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS) from Pavemetrics. 


The MFV measures the IRI/RN, longitudinal and transverse profile, macrotexture, raveling and   geometrics (crossfall, gradient, and radius of curvature).  2D or 3D pavement imagery from the LCMS across a 4m width enables rapid and objective crack detection and crack classification, and up to 8 Right of Way cameras, providing a complete view of the road and assets. The MFV brings safety to the forefront, allowing surveys of roads and airports to be performed from a vehicle at normal traffic speeds, day or night, precluding the need for traffic management.


Ideal tool for both airport and highway testing.


1. Operating at traffic speed precludes the need for traffic management
2. Data can be collected day or night, at speeds up to 62 mph (100 km/h)
3. The crack detection and crack classification procedures allow for rapid, objective and accurate identification of cracks
4. The 3D capability of the LCMS allows for the rating of raveling
5. Surveys a 4m pavement width, producing a continuous image of the pavement surface in a single run
6. Detects cracks as narrow as 1mm
7. Dynatest Rating Module (DRM) allows for manual distress analysis of the pavement surface to be performed quickly and efficiently
8. Safer roads both for the engineer and the public