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Multi-station Universal Tester

Customised solution available with 3-5 stations for faster and repeatable performance. Each testing station is equipped with the correct load cell providing most accurate testing with suitable grip or fixture. The machines are available with installed split furnaces or if no extensometer is needed with sliding furnace for quick and easy changing of samples by moving the furnace up and down. The machines are built in rigid two hard-chromium plated column construction precision aligned, movable upper crosshead, mounted on the welded machine's base frame. Adjustable max. and min. switches.Operatyor control panel allows test set-up and start direct at the testing machine. Dust protection over full stroke on torsion secure device and central spindle. Electromechanical testing machines are equipped with two additional testing rooms. Additional Test stations are added on the right and left hand side. They are ideal for applications where high and low strength materials must be tested.