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NanoPositioner Control Electronics

The electronic control and signal processing requirements possessed by our products, gave us the distinctive capability of analog and digital design. The controllers we use with our systems and emerged components can be used independently for different purposes. USB PLL, USB Interferometer, Gaussmeter and SPM Controllers belong to this product group. 

Analog Designs: 

  • Sub micro ampere low noise current source
  • Front end design for 24 bit ADCs
  • IV converter designs with pico ampere sensitivity
  • Laser driver with constant intensity
  • Low noise single and quadrature photodetector
  • High resolution interferometer design with extremely low noise
  • Fast piezo driver design with high (˃±200V) voltage output for nanomanipulation etc

Voice coil driver. 

  • Digital System Design:
  • FPGA or microprocessor based multi channel data capture and I/O system with USB interface
  • Digital PLL designs with mHz frequency demodulation
  • High resolution lock-in amplifier
  • Closed loop thermal control
  • Integrated pressure, humidity and temperature measurement systems
  • Closed loop motor control circuits
  • Digital filter verifications with VHDL
  • PID control algorithm over VHDL
  • Custom peripherals for microblaze systems with VHDL
  • Logarithmic inverters on FPGA.