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Odosense: Real-time Odour Monitoring Equipment

Odosense is an e-nose-based odour monitoring system designed to monitor various odourful and toxic gases. Odosense continuously detects, measures, and monitors the odourful gaseous contaminants. Oizom Odour Monitoring device comprises a network of e-noses (OdosenseTM) positioned on the periphery of the site. One can also monitor meteorological parameters like wind speed, wind direction by using external modules. The weather modules enable us to trace the odorant dispersion plume and identify odour source. Real time odour monitoring around landfill sites, wastewater treatment facilities, fertilisers, paper-pulp industries, and soil-treatment sites, etc. is very crucial as they usually create odour nuisance and could be a health hazard for the employees and residents living in the surrounding areas. Hence, odour monitoring equipment can act as an alarm system in cases of accidental releases of pollutants; through odour plume dispersion we can also backtrack the source of the odour. So, it is essential to keep a track of odour intensity to take suggestive actions like planning odour mitigation activities. Additionally, in the case of false complaints, the authorities have the data for reference purposes.


Odosense has three variants available are:

  • Odosense Lite
  • Odosense Smart
  • Odosense Pro


These product variants target different applications and use cases.




  • Patent Pending Technology: Works on innovative e-breathing technology for higher data accuracy: 
  • Solar Powered: Capable of running independently on solar power
  • Network Agnostic: Wide range of connectivity options like GSM / WiFi / LoRa / NBIoT/ Ethernet
  • Over-The-Air Update: Automatically upgradeable from a central server without any onsite visit
  • Compact: Light-weight and compact system installed at 12-15 feet (3.5-4.5 m) height
  • Real-Time Data: Continuous monitoring and real-time data transfer at configurable intervals
  • Weatherproof: IP65 grade enclosure for endurance against harsh weather conditions
  • 3-Level Calibration: The third-party nodal agency, reference station co-location & spot calibration