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Oil Pump Test Systems

Oil Pump Test Bench is designed to measure pressure / flow characteristics and performance mapping of the oil / water pumps in automotive, defence and railway industries. Control features are pump speed, pressure, flow, oil temperature. The system is electronically controlled and programmed by MpiCON Industrial Controller and capable of testing different types of pumps with its adjustable test part area interface.


Key Features

 - Direct-drive and belt driven type options
 - 0-10.000 rpm speed control range
 - Oil temperature control 0-120°C
 - Oil / water flow measurement
 - Torque sensor interface
 - Pressure, temperature measurement
 - Modular design for different types of oil / water pump assembly
 - Automated durability testing option
 - MpiCON controller & software:
      - 19” rack cabinet chassis
      - Up to 16 hydraulics actuators/different test setups
      - Configurable input/output channel numbers and specifications
      - High-frequency control and data logging applications
      - Stable and consistent 10kHz real-time PID control architecture
      - Automatic amplitude compensation
      - Automatic offset compensation
      - Data-logging up to 5kHz/channel and up to 100 channels
      - Intuitive sensor calibration menu
      - Conditional warning and alarm definitions
      - Automatic test with configurable test steps
      - Test scenarios via test file
      - Automatic test reports in .xls, .doc and .pdf file formats
      - Arithmetic tools for mathematical functions
      - Post-process analysis tools
      - Optional CAN interface
      - Digital filtration
      - Integrated UPS
      - Emergency stop