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Passive Q-switched 532nm green laser series

Teem Photonics 532nm green laser series available in 3 series as Microchip, Powerchip and Picospartk.

Microchip MNx 532nm series: Teem Photonics MNG series are our most compact 532 nm microchip lasers. They integrate the pump diode, the micro-cavity and even the second harmonic generation crystal  in a package less than 7cm long. The 1064nm engine produces sub-nanosecond pulses with several kW peak power, achieving over 50% second harmonic generation efficiency at 532nm. 

PowerChip PNx-M 532nm series: The PowerChip™ passively Q-switched MicroChip lasers offer  the highest peak powers and shortest pulses at kilohertz repetition rates with an excellent beam quality. They feature a completely integrated platform which includes the laser head, power supply and air cooling in a compact, rugged, and turnkey package. 

PicoSpark™ 532nm: The PicoSpark™ series combines multi-watt output level with high repetition rate and exceptional pulse characteristics to provide the best price/quality ratio for micromachining application.  Passively Q-Switched (PQS) microchip laser technology and fiber amplification are brought together, delivering pulses with hundreds of kilowatt peak power and hundreds of gigawatt per square centimeter power density in a sealed and air-cooled compact package.