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Passive Q-switched microlasers

Teem Photonics proposes the largest standard offer of passive Q-switched microlasers. These are diode pumped solid state lasers that are distinctive for their Sub Nanosecond Pulses allowing to achieve the highest peak powers.
There are 30 different models with additional options grouped in 3 main families
Teem Photonics MNE and MNP series are our most compact IR microchip lasers. They integrate the pump diode, the micro-cavity and even the second harmonic generation crystal  in a package less than 7cm long. 

The 1064nm engine produces sub-nanosecond pulses with several kW peak power, achieving over 50% second harmonic generation efficiency at 532nm. 

The 1535nm micro-laser offers similar performances with a few nanoseconds pulse duration.  

The controllers allow the user to drive the laser emission on and off but also to remotely monitor the laser status.   Available at Near Infrared ( NIR - 1064 nm), Green ( 532 nm), Eyes-Safe ( 1535 nm) and Ultraviolet ( UV - 355/266 nm) Wavelengths
Energy levels up to 300 µJ ; Peak power up to 280kW; Repetition rate up to 150kHz.