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Pavement Friction Tester (PFT)

The 1295 Pavement Friction Tester (PFT) measures both fully locked wheel and peak friction on paved surfaces. It is designed for maintenance testing to evaluate changes or deterioration in pavement friction due to traffic, weathering, polishing, and/or aging. The 1295 consists of a fully instrumented tow vehicle and test trailer, and utilizes the Dynatest two-axis transducer to provide real time vertical load and horizontal tractive force measurements.

1. All electronic instrumentation is state of the art and the user friendly, menu-driven Windows® software, which allows the operator to enter and document multiple test parameters.

2. The field program calculates the Skid Number (SN) and the Peak Braking Coefficient (PBC) from the two-axis force transducer data in real time, and displays the friction and speed data for each test. Test headers, skid numbers, as well as curves and peak fiction can be printed and/or stored.

3. Additional software capabilities include automatic system calibration, full system diagnostics, adjustable test cycle timing (within ASTM-E274 specifications), pre-set test cycles, multiple user defined event markers.

4. The system is equipped with digital encoders to accurately measure distance and monitor test wheel speeds and lockup, Laptop PC and color graphic printer.