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Pharmaceutical Net Pro Environmental Monitoring Software

Viable, Non Viable and Environmental Monitoring Software developed by Particle Measuring System.
Pharmaceutical Net Pro-environmental monitoring software is a monitoring, reporting and management tool that delivers high reliability and data integrity to automate your Pharmaceutical Cleanroom control. The software provides the interface for managing viable, nonviable, and environmental data, improving the efficiency of production operations and quality investigations. Pharmaceutical Net Pro-environmental monitoring software provides the user with a number of tools to improve efficiency and reduce errors with Data Integrity Assured, Built on industrial system architecture, real Time Software Redundancy and data buffering throughout the system, Sensor-based time stamping & Complete 21 CFR Part 11 compliance



  • Integrated Viable, Non-viable and Environmental data
  • Sampling automation and recipes
  • Automatic alarm notification
  • Batch identifiers and multiple data filters
  • Easily configurable reports and user interface
  • Simple Implementation
  • Prebuilt vacuum and power control infrastructure (Facility® Pro 5010 series)
  • GAMP 5 Category 4 compliant software
  • Standard configurable components
  • Flexible Integration
  • Remote access through fixed and portable client stations
  • Industry-standard protocols for flexible integration and data sharing