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Piezometer, Vibrating Wire Type

Vibrating Wire Piezometer are designed for accurate and long term measurement of pore water pressure in fully or. Partially saturated soil & rock strata. This isparticularly useful in estimating slope stability, safe placement rate of fill or excavation, design and build  for lateral or. uplift pressure or. buoyancy, monitoring the performance of earth-fill , dams and embankments, seepage and verify modelsof flow, monitor surface water run-off, water levels at contaminated sites.measures and controls pore water pressure in soil & rock. The V.Wire Piezometers are available from a range of: 0.2 MPa to 5.0/10.0 MPa. These V.Wire Piezometers are supplied with in-built thermister, to measure the temperature also apart from Pore water pressure.