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Pile Dynamics Analyzer-DLT (PDA-DLT)

High strain dynamic load testing for drilled shafts and bored piles. The Pile Dynamics Analyzer – Dynamic Load Tester was designed specifically for quality assurance testing of drilled shafts and bored piles.  The PDA-DLT allows for multiple configurations of  force measurement.  The system acquires data from accelerometers and strain transducers attached to a pile or shaft so that High Strain Dynamic Tests (ASTM D4945) may be performed. The tests require the impact of a suitable drop weight.The PDA-DLT assesses bearing capacity and structural integrity. Preliminary field results are further analyzed with the CAPWAP® software, for results that correlate very well with static load tests. High Strain Dynamic Load Tests may be performed on drilled shafts, continuous flight auger, or cast-in-situ piles. The PDA-DLT makes drilled shaft testing easier with the option of conducting the test with four or more wireless strain transducers. The system can also be used to collect data in accordance with ASTM D7383 for Rapid Load Testing.