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Plasma Conversion System PIRANHA

The semiconductor industry has committed itself to further reduce its emissions of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), which give rise to the "greenhouse effect". Most semiconductor manufacturers have already begun to implement measures to combat PFC emissions, with PFC abatement a key part of an overall reduction strategy. PFC gases such as CF4, CHF3, SF6 and NF3 are emitted from semiconductor Plasma Etch and Strip processes as well as CVD Chamber Cleans. The PCS PIRANHA foreline plasma conversion systems are designed to convert the stable PFCs to reactive by-products. The PCS PIRANHA is installed in the vacuum foreline of the etch chamber for maximum efficiency. Small flows of a reaction partner such as oxygen or water are added to prevent re-combination of the dissociated F and C atoms. The reactive by-products are best removed using a CLEANSORB dry bed chemisorber.