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Plastic Impact Tester

The model IT 503 plastics impact tester, together with the model IT 504, continues to set the industry standard for versatility, ease of operation, and display of information with high resolution. These machines are capable of determining the impact resistance using either a Charpy or Izod configuration, without changing the entire pendulum. The user attaches the appropriate striking tup on the pendulum and the specimen clamp or anvils in the base of the unit, to test plastics in accordance with ASTM D256 (Izod impact), ISO 179 (Charpy impact), ISO 180 (Izod impact), ASTM D6110 (Charpy Impact), ASTM D4812 (Unnotched Cantilever Beam Impact), ASTM D4508 (Chip Impact), ASTM D950 (Adhesive Bond Impact), and other similar standards. The aerodynamically designed compound pendulum provides maximum rigidity in the direction of the impact and virtually eliminates any windage losses.


Pendulum capacity is easily changed by adding on any one of seven optional weight sets. The energy absorbed in breaking the specimen can be configured in SI, metric, or English units and is determined by an optical encoder mounted on the shaft of the machine and is based on the latched height of the hammer (relative to the zero potential energy point), the maximum post-impact height of the hammer, and the frictional losses of the machine. Energies of less than 0.03% of the pendulum capacity can be resolved and this resolution is vastly superior to dial type displays and other currently available displays.