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PMI Solid State Switches Switch Matrices Pulse Modulators

PMI's line of RF and Microwave Solid State Switches cover the frequency range from a few MegaHertz upto 50GHz in many standard models with a number of options available:  Ultra-Broadband, Ultra-High Isolation, Very Low Loss, Low Video Transients, Ultra-High Switching Speed, Very Low Power Consumption, SPST through SP64T, Reflective or Absorptive and available in very small packaging. While all switch products are avaialble connectorized, many are also available in drop-in-configuration. PMI Switch Matrix products operate from 20MHz to 40GHz and  are available in three standard models: 20MHz to 3GHz, 2GHz to 18GHz and 18GHz to 40GHz, Any of the three models can be supplied as a 4x4, 8x8,16x16 or 32x32 non-blocking matrix and custom designs are available.