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Portable Calibration Machines

The Morehouse Portable Calibrating Machine (PCM) was designed and manufactured to address issues associated with calibrating small force measurement instruments. The machine is highly versatile in accommodating a large variety of configurations to which force measurement instruments are made at lower capacities (under2,000 lbf).
Using proper adapters, several types of force instruments such as shear-web load cells, S-type load cells, beam load cells, button load cells, ring force gauges, hand held force gauges, and small dynamometers can be calibrated in a Portable Calibrating Machine. Features of the versatile calibration system are:

  • Capable of force calibration in both compression and tension
  • Portable design; machine weighs 32 lbs and is placed in a case with accessories
  • Calibrates force instruments up to 2,000 lbf
  • Exceptional force control capability to reach and maintain target test forces (e.g. 0.01 lbf using a 1,000 lbf Morehouse Ultra-Precision Shear Web load cell)
  • Safe and confident calibration procedure for small instruments, which lowers risk of overloading the instruments
  • Built-in swiveling coupling nut to accommodate a variety of adapters and instruments
  • Compression bearing pad and ball seat adapter are included for calibrating compression-only instruments. 
  • When small force instruments are calibrated in large calibrating machines with high capacities, there is a high risk of overloading the unit under test. The Portable Calibrating Machine lowers this risk by providing the user high controllability over the applied force.